EtherV Foundation Construct New Benchmark For The Development Of The Digital Economy

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In 2020, the first year of "industrial blockchain" will truly begin.As the infrastructure of the Internet of Value, the blockchain will usher in great development with the digital economy such as artificial intelligence in 2020 and the following 3-5 years.Blockchain technology is precisely because it is good at constructing a trusted environment and a trusted value system that the Internet cannot be solve, and it has become a breakthrough in many technical fields of the digital economy.This also echoes the core of the web3.0 zeitgeist that builds a highly transparent and fair distributed network, and attaches importance to data confirmation, data exchange and privacy protection.

EtherV Foundation Construct New Benchmark For The Development Of The Digital Economy

With the continuous improvement and integration of information technology and economic technology, the digital economy era has quietly come to our side.As a symbol of the cross-age of the digital economy, digital currency is exerting its infinite charm, allowing more and more people to see the wonderful spark of the collision of digital and financial.Since then, the circulation of digital assets is no longer limited to geography, national boundaries, skin color and ethnicity.During this period, after many years of precipitation and polishing, EtherV Foundation is rising like a shining star.

EtherV Foundation Construct New Benchmark For The Development Of The Digital Economy

EtherV Foundation brings together a six-dimensional integrated top-level architecture including mining incentives, edge computing, design rendering, commercial applications, financial consumption, and anonymous social networking.At the same time,DGM Canadian Fund Company, Regal Assets Royal Asset Management Company, Draper Associates American Venture Capital Fund, Overseas Chinese Investment Management and Overseas Chinese Investment Management Company participated in the investment.Committed to Ether rendering to build the world's first ecological public chain.

EtherV Foundation Construct New Benchmark For The Development Of The Digital Economy

The technology and operation team of Ether rendering comes from the core technical personnel of Naver, Kakao, and Google.The Co-founder of Ether rendering is Gustav Simonsson.Gustav Simonsson is the core developer of Ethereum. His specific work involves consensus protocol, core client and network security. He focuses on the security of the Ethereum blockchain and Golang client to ensure the security of the platform.He has a background in computer science and has been committed to developing complex back-end systems since 2011.He has accumulated experience in financial technology, payment processing, telecommunications and blockchain systems.

Ether rendering allows developers to customize development to meet the needs of business scenarios,especially for different business scenarios across industries which realize the large-scale application of blockchain, and allow every individual to participate in ecological construction and find their own blockchain value.

EtherV Foundation Construct New Benchmark For The Development Of The Digital Economy

Ether rendering plans to build multiple super IDC computer room centers around the world to form super mining incentive base stations to create mining incentives and edge computing technologies that are more in line with the background of the 5G era.Ether rendering will realize a global layout and operation in the future.The ultimate goal of the digital economy is decentralization. With the development of edge computing technology and 5G technology, it will become a large market.

EtherV Foundation will eventually overcome the technical issues of credible data, credible products, credible assets, and trust consensus on the chain!We also look forward to more people with lofty ideals joining us and witnessing the growth and expansion of ETHV together with us!

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