With Blockchain Technology,DiDi Builds Safe and Encrypted Chat


In the Internet age, the popularization of terminal devices, led by smart phones, has completely digitized people's social life. People spend more and more time on social networking every day, and the amount of data generated continues to grow accordingly. According to IDC's "Data Age 2025" report, the annual data generated globally will increase from 33ZB in 2018 to 175ZB, which is equivalent to 491EB of data generated every day. We are in an era of big data. A large amount of data involving personal privacy, property information and behavior trajectory is stored and transmitted on the Internet every day. The importance of protecting data security is self-evident.

However, in recent years, large-scale data breaches have emerged one after another, which has continuously aroused concerns about network security from all walks of life.

In 2019, Comparitech's security officer Bob Diachenko released a report saying that he found more than 267 million Facebook user IDs, names and phone numbers in a database that appeared on the Internet. This is not the first time that Facebook's exploded data has been leaked; in March 2018, foreign media reported that the passwords of about 200 million to 600 million Facebook users were stored in plain text.

The current fact is that Internet big data is a double-edged sword. Most Internet users do not have any privacy as long as you conduct activities on the Internet. As the saying goes, the Internet does not involve secrets and the Internet does not involve secrets. However, as more and more data security issues are exposed, relevant laws and regulations are tightened, and users' awareness of digital rights is awakened, privacy security will become the basic power and basic demand for Internet social interaction.

Faced with the contradiction between the development of Internet privacy and security and user needs, we have found a safe and effective solution from blockchain technology. The asymmetric encryption technology in blockchain technology can protect the privacy of information; from the perspective of user needs, blockchain + social perfectly solves two major needs: first, the privacy and security requirements in the end-to-end instant messaging process, 2. Ownership and deposit of information property rights produced on social platforms. Such secure technical advantages will make blockchain social networking a new generation of social applications, with unlimited development.

DiDi message (DiDi for short) is a product with the rapid development momentum of current blockchain-encrypted social applications. DiDi, as a new generation of end-to-end encryption technology mobile social application, block chain encryption anti-cracking, cipher text chat unrestrained chat, timely withdrawal of chat records, chat tool that cannot be tracked in the "private" mode, fully protects users' social security and leads The value of blockchain social products is a new trend in the Internet era.

At present, it has been launched in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, with 10 language versions including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Chinese, etc., to meet the safety and social needs of users around the world. Widely acclaimed by users all over the world.

As a global blockchain technology product, DiDi is not limited to social networking. In the future brand strategy layout, it will center on safe social networking as the user experience portal, and rely on the iterative application of blockchain technology to build social networking, A social + digital asset platform in several major areas such as entertainment, information, games, and payment, diversified into user life scenarios, and portrayed a new lifestyle for users in the future digital economy era.

DiDi's global strategic ambition and rapid development have attracted the attention of the world's top capitals. At present, many leading investment institutions such as Fidelity Investment, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Bain Capital, KKR, and Oaktree Capital are negotiating with DiDi in depth, and many traditional financial exchanges around the world are also interested in becoming DiDi partners. Joint efforts are made in asset research and development and trading.

In the future, the combination of DiDi and the world's top capital forces will surely build more bridges between safe social networking and digital assets, and build a new way of life for the digital economy era.

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