Why Is Using CNC Machining Services for Rapid Prototyping


CNC machining services can short turnaround of rapid prototyping production,engineering models and high-quality end-use parts in the shortest time. Here are five main reasons to consider CNC machining service for your rapid prototyping project.

CNC machining does not require fixed tools
In plastic injection molding or pressure molding, rigid molds made of hardened or semi-hardened steel alloys are required. Depending on the complexity of these tools, it may need to take several weeks to make these tools. If CNC machining plastic prototype, it  can not only shorten the manufacturing time, but also make the surface of the engineering parts smoother. The tool which is used for CNC milling is the hardened metal cutting insert used in the spindle. Different shapes and types of cutting blades can perform various cutting functions on the workpiece. After these tools are correctly arranged on the automatic turntable, the machine can replace these tools in a few seconds.


CNC machining is easy to modify
To use CNC for processing and modification, it is only need to change a few lines of G code program. It offer you the opportunity to test several different styles and evaluate the results immediately. Adjusting the program and fine-tuning "dynamically" can greatly reduce the total delivery time of product development without adding any additional costs.

CNC machining speed is fast
Mass production CNC machining was began in the 1970s, After the improvement of machines and software applications, it has become one of the fastest and most reliable methods for manufacturing complex shapes in metals and rigid plastics. After setting up the programming, a good milling machine or lathe can whip steel or aluminum at an alarming speed, turning the original metal blank into a finished product in a few minutes.


High CNC machining accuracy
CNC machining accuracy levels is usually produce tolerances of + 0.05mm or 50 microns. This is a repeatable tolerance that can be achieved again and again in the production process of unlimited part numbers.

Over the years, Youde has manufactured countless parts and rapid prototypes, and CNC machining has been an important part of our success.

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