To make learning fun- intelligent aesthetics of Genius App


Genius, a promising B2C Internet consulting application, recently has been launched in all app stores. Genius was developed by Shanghai Educational Technology Group Inc (the China subsidiary of Genius Holding (Asia) Group), a leading technology company that specializes in overseas education and business consulting.

Genius's target audience is both domestic and overseas individual and corporate users. It aims to provide one-to-one online academic or business consulting for each user, as well as corresponding solutions, such as paper optimization, career planning and academic planning for individuals; financing planning, strategic advice, SWOT analysis, business plan, etc. for enterprises.

In the Genius App, users can inquire about academic, business and other related issues, and solve problems through the platform's one-stop service. Genius's team will contact users as soon as they submit their applications, confirm their requirements, and come up with a solution that will satisfy them and enable them to achieve their academic goals or business goals within 24 hours.

In addition, Genius adds four high-efficiency tools to its App: Genius Calculator, Genius Timetable, Genius Notepad, Genius Calendar, which is no doubt an overwhelming innovative measure.

Compared with previous calculators, Genius Calculator is more powerful and faster, which can fully meet the computing needs of users. The Genius table is clear and beautiful, with intelligent display and perfect sense of usage. Besides the basic memo function, Genius Notepad also combines the one-button paper-repetition-checking function to meet the multiple needs of users. Moreover, Genius Calendar is convenient in operation and accurate in reminders, which can better improve users' concept of time.

Previous online education modes were difficult to realize 100% one-to-one or many-to-one, and online consulting services lacked practicality because they could not provide a specific solution. The emergence of Genius has perfectly compensated market demands.

The assistance of efficient tools makes the services provided by Genius more intelligent and user-friendly, and makes Genius's consulting business superior and Genius's planning feedback more efficient in accordance with the principle of user-friendliness.

In the 1.0 era of Education, the offline one-to-one conversation was the only way, and word-of-mouth private school teaching dominated the mainstream. In the 2.0 era, class teaching had become a common mode, which lacks more intelligent educational means. In the 3.0 era, electronic learning tools became increasingly popular. Even so, learning is still a passive thing for most people. However, in the 4.0 era of Education, only by combining intelligent platform with efficient tools, reasonably stimulating people's initiative to learn, and providing feasible solutions to every problem can learning become a real pleasure, which brings the emergence of Genius Internet consulting platform at the right moment.

‘Talents work, while geniuses Create.’ Genius advocates the concept of intelligent self-learning and strives to help every user improve their self-management ability and creativity. By making learning more interesting and educational applications more intelligent, Genius will eventually benefit everyone who is striving for it, which can also be called the aesthetics of Genius.

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