The world’s first 4G camera-under-screen cellphone represents the coming era of the real full-screen cellphone


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The under-screen camera and the extremely narrow border can provide its users with bigger game graphics, and the length-to-width ratio is close to that of the movie screen-all bringing shocking visual effects.


The industry of cellphones has tried kinds of screen designs, including fringe screen, waterdrop screen, hollow screen, and elevating cameras in order to bring the joyful using experience of the full screen to their users. The ZTE Corporation initially used the design of an under-screen camera, bring the real full-screen cellphone into realization. The ZTE Axon 20 4G cellphone is equipped with the 4G chip named UNISOC T618 with eight CPUs, which is specially provided to the flagship products. The ZTE Axon 20 4G cellphone is going to be put into the overseas market, including Germany, Mexico, and so on.


The under-screen camera means a real 100% full screen


The ZTE Axon 20 4G cellphone owns the completely full screen by creatively hiding the front camera module and audible units under the OLED screen whose diagonal is 6.92 inches long and whose resolution ratio is 2460*1080. The screen’s length-to-width ratio is 20.5:9, which is suitable for the movies’ screen length-to-width ratio to a large extent.


Carried with the UNISOC T618 chip, the ZTE Axon 20 4G cellphone employs the high-definition display processing engine developed by UNISOC, bringing its users a high-definition visual experience by increasing color accuracy, intensifying high-definition images, and reducing the display power consumption. These features combining with its 100% full screen, will bring its users the immersed video entertainment experience.


Driven by the UNISOC power, the cellphone has a superior performance




The UNISOC chip T618 in the ZTE Axon 20 4G cellphone is composed of two 2.0 GHz Arm Cortex-A75 processors and six 2.0 GHz Arm Cortex-A55 processors. At the same time, its DynamIQ technology allows the system to yield more good performance under the strict heating limit so that the system can perform well for a longer time. Also, the technology can use instant performance improvement to speed up the response when users start a program or do some other gesture operations, thus optimizing users’ experience.


The Antutu benchmark of the UNISOC chip T618 has exceeded 210 thousand. When it is combined with the powerful Mali G52 GPU, it can work at a high frequency of 850 MHz, which means most mainstream games can run smoothly on the cellphone.


Professional photographic equipment makes you enjoy visual feast



The ZTE Axon 20 4G cellphone has one front-facing camera of 32 million pixels and four professional rear cameras, including an AI main camera of 64 million pixels, a wide-angel camera of 8 million pixels, a deep view camera of 2 million pixels, and a macro camera of 2 million pixels. So the users can not only take portrait photos and videos but also can take photos and videos of a macro world or an artistic work, enjoying a high-quality photography experience.


Since the UNISOC chip T618 can support 64 million pixels and 4 rear cameras, the newly integrated processor of 3 CPUs can handle picture data from different paths simultaneously, making sure that there is no delay switch and jamming in zooms. The chip has a built-in VDSP with great computing power, which can better meet complex Camera vision and AI processing tasks. In detail, it can support the functions of scene recognition, face unlock, AI beauty photography and videos, and AI portrait with background blur.


Lighting design leads the youthful trend


The ZTE Axon 20 4G cellphone inherits the Grand S II series lightweight design, and the thickness of the cellphone is just 7.98mm. The thin cellphone body with double ultra-thin waistlines offers a comfortable feeling when holding it. The backside of the cellphone is coated with 3D curved glass with a special coating process, so it shines with flowing light. There are two colors to choose from blue like sea salt’s glow and black like a black hole.


Equipped with a large capacity battery of 4220mAh, the ZTE Axon 20 4G cellphone carries the Android Q operation system and has a phone memory of 6+128G.


Now, the commercial use of 5G technology is accelerating, but the 4G technology is still the dominant mobile communication technology. It can support more than half of the global connections (52%, from GSMA’s dadas) and will take up 56% of the global connections by 2025. Therefore, the UNISOC and the ZTE Corporation together apply the under-screen camera technology to 4G cellphones in order to bring benefits of technology innovation to wider users.


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