The 15th season of Ontimeshow Westbund 2022SS completed successfully


On October 12, 2021, at Shanghai Westbund, the 15th season of Ontimeshow Westbund Spring/Summer 2022 Ordering Fair completed successfully. The fair was held in eight venues from October 8, 2021 to October 15, 2021, including A/B/D Hall of ART WEST BUND, WEST BUND DOME, and TANK SHANGHAI etc. This season, which is prospering once more, attracted 257 original brands from great local designers, with total revenue being expected to exceed RMB 4 billion, reaching another record high. Following the formidable visitors in last season, the number of visitors climbed by more than 8%, with the highest number of visitors in a single day reaching 5,679. During Shanghai Fashion Week, over 1,000 members of media were invited to attend this fair, and the scale of the exhibition was upgraded in a leap-type way, establishing its industry status as the largest fashion ordering fair in Asia.

Ontimeshow Westbund, based on the overall development of Shanghai, has always evolved with the development of cultural and creative industry and the fashion sector in Shanghai. According to the "14th Five-Year Plan", Shanghai is creating a socialist worldwide cultural metropolis at a higher level and determines the orientation of building Shanghai brand and transforming brand economy and cultural economy. Taking this as a chance, Ontimeshow Westbund, the world's leading designer brand management platform, continues to rely on Shanghai, the fashion capital, to provide services in many industrial links such as design, display and transaction, thus further promoting the development of the fashion industry, bringing the possibility of overall upgrading of industrial level to the national fashion industries  in virtue of its own cultural soft power, and enhancing the city status of Shanghai in global fashion industry.

「 "High-profile exhibitions" were held in eight major venues.」

The Ontimeshow Westbund Spring/Summer 2022 was a successful trade show, as well as a wonderful gathering of fashion world and industry circles, and a sound fashion industry ecosystem. With the addition of TANK SHANGHAI and ROOMROOM DREAM CENTER, the exhibition hall was expanded and upgraded again, from the original six halls all the way to the south.

In this season, as the 15th season approached its critical juncture, the spotlight was on the launch of the YOUNG TALENTS newcomer program. Design talents with a huge number of newbies have long regarded as the cornerstone of the fashion business ecosystem. The "YOUNG TALENTS Newcomer Discovery" program was revived this season by Ontimeshow Westbund. 11 new brands were chosen after two weeks of heated discussion and selection by six industry professionals. These brands included 7 ready-to-wear design brands:ArcadeToken, CHENG CHENG, DONSEE10, NAN KNITS, NILDET, OUTDOGER, THE UTTERANCE, and 3 accessory design brands: Artchi warm incandescence, monSecret, Mandarin Zan Club; These designers, who possess multi-dimensional superb attributes such as design innovation, material application and commercial potential, have infused Ontimeshow Westbund with youthful energy and will break conventions to make achievements in the future.

In addition to being the place of billions of economic transactions, the domestic SHOWROOM also acts a pioneering location for culture and art in Shanghai, providing an experimental field for cross-border interactions between the fashion industry and various literary and artistic sectors. Despite their independence, the SHOWROOMs of many brands form a collection of resonance that reverberates together.

On October 8, 2021, ROOMROOM launched a pop-up store called "Resonance" at the bálancing in  the Pacific Place of Shanghai, which is not only  the attempt of Ontimeshow Westbund to break into the frontier of fashion-based retailing, but also a graphic picture of the fashion industry's cross-fertilization with the upstream and downstream industries.

In addition, Ontimeshow Westbund, which caters mostly to professionals and industry buyers, has paid increasing attention to expanding the communication margin and delving deeper into the core area of mass communication in the last two years. In this season, Ontimeshow Westbund crossed the circles once more, collaborating with the top-stream platform "Little Red Book" to provide "RED100" fashion new retail activities to 170 fashion bloggers. On October 8, 2021, selected 23 designer brands were pre-sold in Little Red Book and offered synchronously at the show location. Little Red Book, which brings together a large number of younger generations, is becoming the source of domestic trends. It not only  assists new brands in discovering fashion trends, but also connecting with consumers and meeting every interesting soul through the experience sharing of bloggers and the community's discussion atmosphere.

Taking advantage of this ordering fair, the "West Bank Dream Center" special unit from the West Bank Culture and Art Season 2021 was introduced into the fashion show for the first time, magnificently transforming the ROOMROOM DREAM CENTER into the venue for this year's ROOMROOM 2022 Spring/Summer Show. ROOMROOM DREAM CENTER, which was once the largest cement factory in Asia, has been transformed by contemporary architects into the largest creative dynamic exhibition in this region. In addition, this is the first time that ROOMROOM has presented a number of magnificent "SHOWROOM catwalk" layouts in this innovative, fantastic and outstanding structure.

Fashion catwalks are always the exciting events that garner a great deal of attention in the fashion industry. When Ontimeshow Westbund expands from millions of orders to tens of millions or even hundreds of millions in revenue in tandem with growing brands, we realize that it's time to showcase more splendid brand design concepts for Chinese fashion industry professionals.

The brands in the show field included HAIZHEN WANG, QIUHAO, KEH FORME, JARELZHANG, SUSAN FANG, XIAO LI, SWEETPOTATO CHIU, and ANGEL CHEN. Each brand exhibited a distinct style and charm from the past at the ROOMROOM DREAM CENTER: HAIZHEN WANG incorporated the changing seasons into the show space, depicting the variety of beauty over time; JARELZHANG displayed a futuristic machinein the center of the stage, thus exploring the relationship between life, artifacts and aesthetic feeling; and SUSAN FANG and other brands have adopted visual elements full of science and technology. SWEETPOTATO CHIU brought classic Cantonese opera to the runway, singing contemporary Chinese fashion stories set in ancient and present China, while ANGEL CHEN centered the show on modern dance, creating a fresh and touching narrative.

In addition to offering a dream platform for the originality of the Chinese fashion industry, the exhibitions also create the largest display in Asia in the most inventive setting by highlighting various features of the West Bank Dome. When placing yourself in the dome, this naturally circular gravitational field, you will feel its inclusiveness, its shift from static fashion display to dynamic performance show, as well asits capacity to further carry youth, incubate originality and create boundless imagination in the future..

「 "Shanghai-based and world-viewing" 」

Located in Binjiang, Xuhui District, Ontimeshow Westbund has been committed to making the West Bank a pioneering monument in the fashion industry in China, as well as a favorite punching site in internet celebrity in Shanghai. Besides, a fashion center called Yanqingli was opened as part of Ontimeshow Westbund's efforts to create an incubator for designer brands.

It is interesting to note that the design-driven West Bank Art Center, located on the extended bank of the Binjiang, Xuhui District, stands for an open dock culture while the Shikumen Yanqingli in the old city refers to a historical foundation for Shanghai's sophisticated way of life. The symbolic significance of the two spaces is also a reflection of two dimensions for Ontimeshow Westbund.

The road to start a fashion brand, no matter how modest or huge it is, is rocky. Ontimeshow Westbund, which is maturing seasonally, anticipates that the brand path of partners will be easier with more precise resource integration and modular industrial services, and the brands will gradually travel from Ontimeshow Westbund to the international market and become global brands. Becoming an international platform for the incubation and administration of designer brands is the ultimate goal for Ontimeshow Westbund.

After 15 seasons, Ontimeshow Westbund has accompanied the rise of the original design brands in China, helped the fashion buying industry from toddler to flourishing, accumulated its own considerable data assets and symbolic capital, and witnessed the ambitious progress of the fashion capital Shanghai. The road is tough, let's keep our resolve and look forward to a bright future together.

Company:Shengze Fashion Week  Committee;

Contact Person: Wu Miao


Telephone: 86 18501557698

City:Shengze, Suzhou, China

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