TaiLaiBao products Traceability System, was celebrated and supported by the local government. There comes a new Alibaba for agricultural products from ten ASEAN countries


TaiLaiBao is an operating brand of ZhongRun Guosheng Entertainment Co., Ltd. who owns the trademark ownership of TaiLaiBao in China. ZhongRun Guosheng Entertainment Co., Ltd. has a wide range of business, obtains most privileged licenses for national business categories that have very high gold content.


In 2020, TaiLaiBao and HAC (holographic virtual reality advertising cloud media group) reached a strategic partnership to invest one billion RMB as advertising expenses. And joined the global brand promotion foundation "BFD". BFD is a Technology's Global Branding Foundation, jointly initiated by HAC Media Group, Shanghai (Shijing) Technology Media Co., Ltd., Thailand TEDA Media Group, Global Holographic Industry Alliance, and Singapore World Holographic Industry Foundation.

TaiLaiBao is one of the initiators of the ASEAN Agricultural Products Chamber of Commerce, a chairman-level unit of the Chamber of Commerce, and a third-party service platform for agricultural products designated by the Ministry of Agriculture of Thailand.


In 2020, Tailaibao Agricultural Trade Co., Ltd. and Thailand Sustainable Agricultural Trade Association (CASA) reached a strategic cooperation on the docking of China's national food safety standards and Thai agricultural products import and export standards and the branding of Thai agricultural products.

The Thai Sustainable Agricultural Trade Association (CASA) was established on August 29, 2018, with the support and approval of the Enterprise Development Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand. At the same time, it has also received strong support from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Thailand, the Domestic Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, the Ministry of Commerce of China, the National Federation of Urban Agricultural Trade Centers, and the China Chamber of Commerce for Food, Native Produce and Livestock Import and Export.

It has also been jointly signed and certified by the Bureau of Internal Trade and the Directors of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, who has adopted AGQC certification as the quality standard of Thai agricultural products, which has become an international standard.

Organizations that have obtained the AGQC agricultural product quality rating mark can trace the relevant responsible persons, manufacturers and distributors of the entire service chain to improve product quality and the promotion of international standard products to Chinese market by using AGQC as a product standard. 

TaiLaiBao, gained the authority of AGQC agricultural traceability system, which is supported,authorized,and also supervised  by the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and the Thai Ministry of Commerce. TaiLaiBao will vigorously supervise and develop the export trade of Thai agricultural products.

TaiLaiBao Group  has been engaged in fruit cultivation and deep processing for 15 years in Thailand. In 2019, its annual turnover reached RMB3 billion; the main fruits of the group: durian, coconut, mangosteen, longan, jackfruit and other Southeast Asian fruits, with a total planting area of 20000 Mu (approximately 13.4 square kilometers ); 6 self-built fruit processing plants, 14 cooperative processing plants, 2 frozen fruit processing plants, 4 large-scale sales terminals, and deep cooperation with JD.com and RT-Mart.

TaiLaiBao aimed to: build a fair、equal、efficient agricultural product service platform, and let the high-quality agricultural products of the ten ASEAN countries go to the Asia-Pacific and the world. Through the agricultural product block traceability system established by TaiLaiBao, all the best quality products on the platform are guaranteed, the incomes of fruit farmers are increased steadily, Thai agricultural products and fruits can be sold without worry.

TaiLaiBao set goals to serve 30,000 fruit farmers and 3,000 agricultural product processing enterprises in ten ASEAN countries, and establish a cold chain sharing system for agricultural products in three years. It is expected that the service amount will exceed 450 billion baht (approximately 100 billion yuan). The variety of services is currently increasing, and all categories of agricultural products can be covered to export in the near future .

TaiLaiBao is committed to the development of agricultural products industrial chain such as imported tropical fresh fruits, original dried fruits, tropical fruit nutritional products series from Southeast Asia; let the end users buy safe and secure tropical fruits and natural products.


TaiLaiBao will strive to become a new Alibaba of agricultural products in ten ASEAN countries.

Tailaibao is also willing to join hands with everyone to achieve the dream: meet Tailaibao meet treasures, we create wealth together in Tailaibao!

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