During the epidemic of COVID-2019, you may have watched a movie revealing inside story of China in anti-epidemic.

It was claimed that this movie was shot according to real event, but the more you watch it, the more wrong it is: "Upon watching a video promoting Falun Gong, the hopeless patient infected with COVID-2019 immediately recovered!"

This magical story, propagandized as a real event, is an absurd act, just like drinking disinfectant to treat COVID-2019. If we replace the video in the movie with Jesus' fringe of his garment and replace the infected patient with that female who had been ill for 12 years, the story will become familiar immediately. Christians should sue the author of this video because they plagiarized the Bible, violated the copyright.

If you concern the media that shot this movie, you will find that they have been deceiving the audience all the time. Their news writers are not reporters who pass on facts, but poor story makers.

This fake news maker that should be accused is THE EPOCH TIMES. As a media organization, they never care whether is the truth that they tell you, but just want you to accept their views.

This media put in a large number of advertisements last summer, wantonly advocating groundless events to attract users to subscribe. For example, the spy gate: This conspiracy theory advocates that President Obama and his allies planted a spy in Trump's 2016 selection. Another example is that, the proliferation of opioids in the United States is the result of CCP's chemical warfare plot. And also, it frantically supports President Trump's anti-epidemic policies and election campaigns.

Many advertisements are published in the form of news disclosure, usually claiming to quote information from insiders. However, identities of these insiders are usually suspicious, and even no such person has been found. Perhaps this insider is a story maker in THE EPOCH TIMES's Editorial Office, and his name comes from a stray dog in his neighborhood.

Soon, after the relationship between that THE EPOCH TIMES is promoting Trump and advertisements with conspiracy theory contents being exposed by NBC, Facebook banned THE EPOCH TIMES 's crazy advertising.

However, advertising wantonly on the Internet is not all for THE EPOCH TIMES to promote its views.

As the loyal supporter of President Trump, they do not hesitate to slander and discredit mainstream media, seeming to vow to be incompatible with all media that are "enemies" to their President. New York Times and Washington Post had previously reported on denunciation and investigations on Trump’s secret communication and trade with Russian and won the Pulitzer Prize, while they immediately published news that Trump unreasonably criticized the two media and threatened to withdraw their subscription to show their loyalty. Ironically, Trump is the real fake news maker according to the verification statistics of Washington Post- in the 1,000 days since taking office, Trump has made 13,435 false or misleading statements.

Of course, THE EPOCH TIMES itself is not innocent. After being named for violating the rules, it has been even exposed by Facebook that a large number accounts of THE EPOCH TIMES are suspected of fake accounts using artificial intelligence to generate real-life photos, which, through a company called "THE Beautiful of Life"(THE BL), use virtual and real American accounts alternately to cover up their actions, eventually are removed and cleaned up by Facebook, and Facebook said that "This is a huge and unscrupulous fake network". After the news was reported by media including New York Times, although trying to deny strongly, THE EPOCH TIMES foolishly forgot that the Executive of the fake accounts company named "THE Beautiful of Life" is still the active Administrator of THE EPOCH TIMES media group.

In New York, THE EPOCH TIMES sells for US$ 1, but it is not popular. Therefore, scores of people can receive the newspaper free of charge. For example, villagers in Goring and Woodcote, South Oxfordshire, UK, have mysteriously received a copy of a “newspaper” in their mailboxes.

One villager said that: “This kind of newspaper is much worse than those weirdoes with tinfoil hat believing in conspiracy theory, it is appalling extremist nonsense in a whole range of ways ... throw it directly into trash can, where is suitable for its vile ideas.”


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