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Singapore TrustGlobal PTE LTD was established in 2016 with a registered capital of US $265 million. At present, the average monthly user growth rate of Trust Global has reached 41%, and the platform turnover last year was as high as $82 million.

Singapore global trust main business:corporate business focus: credit entrustment to solve the problems of bad credit and bad debts.

TrustGlobal has reached strategic cooperation with several regional bank credit card institutions to realize offline operation and online repayment by calling the credit card of bank financial institutions through API, realize seamless connection, realize legal and compliance repayment, and solve the problems of overdue credit investigation and bad debts of banks.

Singapore TrustGlobal PTE LTD has a sound management system and a young and dynamic team. Based on Market Research and a large number of data analysis, it focuses on credit entrustment research. The company adheres to the concept of "customer first" and serves every customer. With excellent professional attitude, reasonable price, perfect and fast service, the company has won the trust and recognition of customers. In addition, the company has established cooperative relations with some large banks and credit card suppliers (including Dahua bank, JCB, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, agricultural credit bank, Japan Post Bank, bpce group, etc.) to realize the global offline business and online repayment business by dialing the information of financial institutions, realize seamless connection, reasonable repayment, and solve the problem of users' overdue credit difference Bank bad debts and other issues.

After years of efforts, the company has accumulated a wealth of professional channels, consumer groups and brand resources at home and abroad. In line with the principle of "Customer first, integrity first", the company enjoys a high reputation in the industry. With the continuous expansion of the company's scale, the company will continue to cooperate with more domestic banks in the global market.

Characteristics of TrustGlobal products in Singapore

Online Repayment: Online API calls the debtor information of banking and financial institutions to connect seamlessly, and users can realize the repayment business through online repayment Operation website.

Seamless docking: reach strategic cooperation with financial institutions subordinate to banks in many countries and regions, call API interface to realize online and offline operation and seamless docking.

Mode change: it changes the old traditional POS return and brush mode. You can help others to repay through trust global to get a share.

Real time data: credit card debt information comes from the partners of financial institutions under each bank, and different credit cards need to be returned every day.

Bad debt problem: through online repayment, win-win cooperation and resource integration mode, the bank's bad debt problem is perfectly solved, and the problem of overdue credit investigation of debtors is also solved.

Legal compliance: all repayment procedures are set in accordance with the standard of credit card use. Financial institutions and credit card debtors reach a consensus on cooperation in repayment, which is legal and compliant.

As long as a few simple steps, you can easily skilled agent business, at home a mobile phone easy work, the agent as a career, realize financial freedom.

FAQ summary

1. How to register an account?

You just need to open our operating platform, choose to register, enter Google email or other email, click send verification, enter the email to view the verification code, return to the platform and enter the verification code to complete the operation.

2. What is credit card payment?

After consumption by credit card, the user has to make credit card repayment every month. When the user does not have enough funds to repay, it will lead to overdue, bad debts and negative effects on bank performance. Therefore, we combine online and offline services to assist others in repayment and collect the corresponding fees from the credit Card cardholders to perfectly solve the problem of overdue and bad debts.

3. What are the payment methods?

At present, SingaporeTrustGlobal supports that the value stored in the legal currency account or in the digital currency account (BTC USDT ETH) will be calculated in US dollars to the TrustGlobal account exchange rate, and the real-time exchange rate will be automatically converted according to the international exchange rate.

4. Capital security

Your funds are absolutely safe. Singapore global trust is cooperating with banks and financial institutions to achieve legal and compliant repayment through seamless online and offline connection.

Headquarters 15th floor, building I, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore

Distance to the airport 20 minutes' drive from Changi Airport, Singapore

Official website:http://

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