Nongfu Spring Officially Listed With An Initial Market Value of 392.4 Billion Yuan


In September 2020, Nongfu Spring officially made its debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As soon as it was listed, it has ranked as the second in the food and beverage sector of Hong Kong Stock Market. Nongfu Spring once made a deep impression on the public with the famous slogan that "Nongfu Spring tastes a little sweet". And after 24 years of hard work, it has developed into a leading giant in China's beverage industry, and become a new bellwether in the food and beverage sector of Hong Kong Stock Market. What enables the enterprise to achieve major success? Apart from these classic advertising slogans and successful marketing strategies, it is the soul and spirit of its brand.

The success of Nongfu Spring can not be separated from the strategic vision and market insight of the enterprise. In 2000, pure water was the sole authority in the drinking water market, but Nongfu Spring officially announced that it would completely stop producing purified water, and at the same time, start to produce natural water, and find high-quality water sources all over the country. Though the action was contrary to the business philosophy of most brands in the market at that time, it was in accordance with Nongfu Spring's brand concept of being " natural and healthy " and the keen insight into consumer demands. Being natural and healthy is the high pursuit as well was the bottom line of the enterprise. It is never allowed to give up the standards for sales volumes in Nongfu Spring. Now, Nongfu Spring has distributed ten natural water sources in China, and formed a unique water source layout. High quality water sources laid a solid foundation for providing long-term natural and healthy services for consumers, and formed a long-term stable competitive advantage.

In today's rapidly changing and increasingly competitive market environment, the enterprise keeps in step with the market developing trend and adapts to the changes of the market throughout its development path. Nongfu Spring has established a perfect nationwide sales channel, realizing the transformation from single store sales to online multi-channel sales. With the help of big data systems, it makes constant efforts to double distribution efficiency, manage dealers' inventory, strictly control product terminal age and improve operation efficiency.

In addition to being the "porters of nature", Nongfu Spring also plays the role of pioneer and even pathfinder in leading market innovation. It upholds the principle of "respecting knowledge and creation" all the time. In order to promote the R&D level, Nongfu Spring increases investment in scientific research and innovation and has set up a high-level R &D team, constantly innovating and diversifying its product offerings so as to form a diversified product matrix. In addition to drinking water, it has launched tea drinks, functional drinks, fruit juice drinks, plant protein products, coffee and other categories. Products such as NFC Juice, Oriental Leaves have been continuously tracked by the industry and widely recognized by consumers, becoming the "innovation benchmark" in various product fields.

The business concept and vision of an enterprise determine its development radius, and the social responsibility that it undertakes made it a great leader. In the process of its continuous and healthy development, Nongfu Spring is persist in feeding back the society, giving attention to public welfare and participating in commonweal activities. The Enterprise rushed to the front line in 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, 2010 severe drought in Yunnan and other disaster relief events, doing its best to help the people in disaster areas. In addition, it launched the "one penny" charity event for improving sports facilities in poverty-stricken areas-the Sunshine Project, the "drinking water with gratitude for sources" activity focused on helping poor children in water sources as well as a number of public welfare activities. The enterprise is committed to regarding public welfare activities as their social responsibilities.

Head to the sea in full sail, braving the wind and the waves. Nongfu Spring is expected to lead the new generation of beverage industry in China to natural, healthy, environmental and innovative development path. It will be roses all the way!

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