Nongfu Spring, A Chinese Beverage Giant


Since the beginning of the 21st century, the global bottled water industry has enjoyed continuous development, and the beverage industry has also gained ground. With the advent of the era of consumption upgrading, the beverage market has shift from a niche market to a mass market, and the market has shown a high growth trend. At present, domestic major beverage brands are more in pursuit of promoting popularity. In this term, Nongfu Spring has made the value-added of the brand to the top.

Nongfu Spring has always paid great attention to the brand image. At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, Nongfu Spring positioned itself as "natural mineral water", and came up with the first advertising slogan: Nongfu Spring tastes a little sweet. Brief and forceful, it reflects the brand characteristics of Nongfu Spring natural mineral water. Even more than 20 years later, the advertising slogan is still spreading far and wide. Nongfu Spring not only brings natural mineral water to the public by deepening its development in bottled water sector, but also constantly innovates and diversifies its product offerings. It has launched tea drinks, functional drinks, fruit juice drinks, plant protein drinks, coffee and other categories. The added value of the Nongfu Spring is enhanced through the multi-category product matrix.

In 2004, Nongfu Spring officially entered the beverage field and launched the sports drink, Scream. This drink embodies the concept of emotional release from the choice of color and the design of bottle and cap. The differentiated designs, such as colorful packaging, spirally rising bottle body, especially the bottle mouth which allows water to come out only by squeezing and sucking, have separated it from other sports drinks on the market, and attracted a fixed consumer group.

In addition, in recent years, Nongfu Spring has launched Tea π with an aim at the young customer group. Nongfu Spring Tea π has many flavors, including pomelo green tea, lemon black tea, cypress jasmine, rose litchi black tea, etc. Each kind of Tea π has its own story and the unique design makes Tea π quickly become one of the favorite drinks in young people. In terms of publicity, Nongfu Spring has invited celebrities to speak for the product, including BigBang, Kris Wu and Lai Guanlin, and gained a group of young customers.

Subsequently, Nongfu Spring was ready to go public in Hong Kong Stock Market this year. For Nongfu Spring, the listing of the shares of the company represents a new beginning. As consumers, we have reason to expect Nongfu Spring to constantly bring us new surprises.

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