Moutai Bulao Smart Vending Machine makes a debut in local Chinese restaurants


The future has arrived. WIth 110 units of Moutai Bulao (MTBL) Smart Vending Machine progressively rolled out at over 100 Chinese restaurants by the end of June, foodies can now easily pair Chinese dishes with the top-selling Chinese ‘baijiu’.

It would be hard to miss the bright yellow Smart Vending Machine that is equipped with a 22-inch LCD screen to deliver a one-stop, interactive experience. At the touch of a button, users can also gain access to information such as the history and culture of Moutai, interesting facts about Chinese cuisine and updates on events, to name a few.

Ms Liande Gao, the director of MTBL Global Pte Ltd, said: “As economic ties between Singapore and China are getting stronger, Chinese ‘baijiu’ is becoming more acceptable among Singaporeans. Our brand slogan is ‘Moutai Bu Lao, Forever Young’. Available in an edition of 125 ml, MTBL is produced by Kweichow Moutai, the world’s largest distiller, in a region known for its unique water, climate, soil, and other superior natural conditions.” 

Ms Gao added: “The ‘baijiu’ is made with local sorghum, wheat and Chishui River water from the town of Moutai, and adopts thousand-year-old traditional brewing techniques, with liquor storage per batch requiring a minimum of three years. The special recipe of MTBL also contains longan, wolfberry, hawthorn, and angelica dahurica, organically integrated into the ‘baijiu’ through percolation. After a thorough three-to-five-year caging and brewing period, the ‘baijiu’ will be ready to be served on various occasions such as gatherings with friends and family.” 

According to Ms Gao, the Smart Vending Machine will be in line with the “Smart Moutai” strategy raised by the Moutai Group to diversify the traditional business model by reducing the intermediate circulation links, saving human effort through scientific technology, and bringing the beloved MTBL directly from the factory to the dining tables of the consumers. She stressed: “There is a legal drinking age in Singapore, therefore we partner with the restaurants in order to ensure the age requirement is always met.” 

The MTBL Smart Vending Machine is co-produced together with Hive Box, a well-known terminal operator and R&D manufacturer in China. Founded in 2015, Hive Box Technology is one of China’s biggest developers and operators of smart lockers and smart-sale terminals, experienced in researching and developing smart vending machines with a highly professional team.

Mr Tommy Xu, the director of Hive Box’s International Business Division, said: “The costs of land and business operation are very high in Singapore, therefore we focused on developing a delicate and exquisite machine in our design, such as the smallest smart-sale terminals in the market. We choose bright yellow for its body because it is bright and outstanding, and choose an angular design to give it a stereoscopic look. It’s not only a display vending machine, which can accommodate 93 bottles each, but also a mini store in the restaurants for customers to purchase.” 


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“And the most important feature of the Vending Machine is that it functions not only as a display vending machine but also a media platform with a 22-inch LCD screen to disseminate videos of Chinese cultural shows and restaurants information as needed, so that the customers can better understand the culture of Chinese Baijiu and events and activities information. We have also implanted big data analysis into the Vending Machine targeted directly at the end customers to gain real-time transaction status and sales data, in order to generate real value output of the data through sales, advertising and community gathering by summarising and integrating data analysis,” added Mr Tommy Xu.

The signature yellow of the MTBL bottle, matching the yellow chassis of the MTBL Smart Vending Machine, will become an iconic representation of numerous overseas Chinese restaurants. The first batch of 110 MTBL Smart Vending Machines has been progressively put into operation at several dining and entertainment venues in Singapore, including Little Lamb, Ah Yat Abalone and Have Fun Karaoke. It is estimated that the number will reach 500 within this year and 2,000 in the coming years, totalling to more than half of local Chinese restaurants and entertainment venues. The MTBL Smart Vending Machine will make its presence in up to 39 countries and cities throughout the world such as Hong Kong, Macau, USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Japan and the UK in the near future

"Moutai Bulao, braving through the pandemic together" 

As Singapore goes on high alert this June, Moutai Bulao has launched the "Light up Singapore and free delivery island wide" campaign in the fight against Covid-19. Any purchase of Moutai Bulao made via its website, entitles you to free delivery. You will find more promotional details on the MTBL social media platforms, including a waiver of the delivery fee for purchases made at participating Chinese food outlets and lucky draw participation. MTBL is dedicated to supporting All Singaporeans in these extraordinary times.

Media Contact: Ms Haze Shi 

• Mobile: +65 81278545 • Email:

Address: 9 Temasek Boulevard #28-05,Suntec Tower Two,S038989

About MTBL Global Pte Ltd

Authorised by Guizhou Moutai Winery (Group) Health Wine Co., Ltd, MTBL Global Pte Ltd owns the exclusive overseas distribution rights of the MTBL Liquor, responsible for its global promotion, sales and distribution. The first overseas MTBL Culture Centre was established in Suntec City, Singapore in November 2019, aimed at spreading China’s Baijiu culture.

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