Mobius Digital Token Game Wallet-Practicing Robert Kiyosaki's Road to Financial Freedom

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"Once you understand how money works, and know the various opportunities you can have in the future, you can start living the life of your dreams."


In 2021, information becomes more and more valuable. Some people can get rich overnight just by managing money. This is knowing how to invest. How to study the movement of money? How to make money work for yourself, and have the investment mind, these are not learned in daily life.


Robert Kiyosaki, the world's top financial and business educator, wrote the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series in 2000, which became the secret of the rich thinking of ordinary people around the world, and was called the "Godfather of Millionaires". He believes: "It is not words that define assets, but numbers. If you cannot read the numbers, you cannot discover and recognize assets. If you want to be rich, you must read and understand the numbers." Financial knowledge not only requires you to observe the numbers with your eyes, but also requires you to use a trained brain to observe the direction of cash flow. "The direction of cash flow is everything", this is the truth that Robert believes in.




"Cash Flow Game" is a set of financial education games developed by Robert Kiyosaki through years of research. This is the best tool to learn the way of thinking of the rich through games. Players can learn about investment from the fun games. Multi-faceted knowledge, the game makes boring financial knowledge and wealth-making ideas popular and vivid, allowing players to prepare for wealth in a low-cost, fast and efficient manner, thereby changing people's financial concepts and ways of thinking. Today, Robert Kiyosaki wants to popularize this game to everyone through digital assets.


"Real estate and gold are being eliminated by digital assets" This is Robert's view on the talk show. Not only that, he also publicly stated that he has been increasing his holdings of digital assets. He believes that the blockchain is in line with his concept of financial hedging. Therefore, Robert Kiyosaki's investment team and technical team jointly developed Mobius Digital Token Game Wallet. The team is committed to continuing to practice the concept of "cash flow game, wealth distribution quadrant and rich dad’s financial freedom road" in the digital asset era. Popularize digital currencies and digital assets in a way that allows ordinary people to understand the circulation and wealth distribution methods of digital assets, and enjoy the wealth distribution rights of the digital asset era.


Compared with traditional digital asset wallets, Mobis digital asset game wallet supports currency transfers between multiple chains, which can greatly improve speed and reduce user costs. A set of universal distributed financial system is constructed based on blockchain technology, which can provide users with real-time payment and settlement services in any currency worldwide.


The powerful ecological aggregator application of Mobius Digital Token Game Wallet will ensure the liquidity and application frequency of the platform pass MT (Mobius Token), and every payment and circulation will generate a certain proportion of compound interest attributes, so financial profits Ability and space have increased simultaneously.


In the future, the Mobis digital asset game wallet will tell people how to identify and grasp investment and financial opportunities through games; improve people’s financial IQ through continuous games and training and learning the investment thinking of the rich in the game , And finally realize financial freedom.

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