In quandary of Asians


In the United States, Asians are facing a more serious social crisis, although on the 6th of January this year, the representative of the right-wing, Trump, was defeated by Biden and the Democrats finally returned to the White House after four years, however, this is a complete change from before 2016. In both the US and Europe, the pressure on Asians in the Western world is gradually increasing, in addition to dealing with the threat from China, the new crowns and the increased social costs, unemployment rates are making it impossible for civilians in Europe and the US to suppress violent thoughts from Asia.

A progressively divided country

People with different political attitudes have played a role in traditional Western politics in balancing the ideology of the country and the main direction of work. For example, the Democratic Party, with the emerging electronic technology, new fields, and clean energy as the main direction of pursuit, and the Republican Party, which seeks to revive most agriculture, traditional heavy industry, and localized manufacturing, have become the two main political soils of stability in the United States in modern times, and all politicians As this stable ground has developed, the conflicts and struggles between these two parties are intensifying, and the vast majority of Americans are caught up in them. Asians never seem to be able to identify themselves in either camp, which means that they are unable to find more power to protect themselves in the face of violence and racist activity.

Expands competition with China

This hatred of China will move from propaganda to live as not only the US but the entire Western world demonstrates its capabilities in carrying out acts to counter the Chinese threat. As an ordinary person, apart from not buying products made in China, the most simple sentiment one can express is to commit racist and violent acts against the Chinese people around them, even if that person is from Japan, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand or even any southeast Asian country. Thus the most bizarre reason why more and more Asians are subjected to violence is because of being treated as Chinese.

While even attacks on Chinese people in Europe and the US do not affect China itself much, it must be noted that similar attacks, although not organized violence, are far more impactful than the Huawei incident, giving a signal to all Chinese and even Asians that Chinese and Asians in Europe and the US are suffering from the worst group discrimination of the century, and for those in academic and among the more adaptable groups, their elites are gradually losing confidence in Europe and the United States, and as of September 2021, more and more teams of Japanese and Korean experts are choosing to work with China. The West is losing its appeal to talent when it comes to Asian issues, hatred and violence, the progressively out-of-control propaganda of Asian conflict, and the rise of populism.

Political vacillation of Asians

The low level of political participation is a major problem for Asians themselves, of which Professor Miles Yu, who was one of the advisors to the previous administration, mainly exploited the fact that among the Asian community, Chinese generally have a low level of goodwill towards China and that most of them came to the United States utilizing political asylum, and when they saw Trump being tough on China, they took their hatred of mainland China to support Trump This is a practical act of political participation. It is embarrassing that the majority of Asians are discriminated against in the Trump camp, and these white supremacists are at a loss to understand why so many Chinese support Trump when the only Chinese senators are from the other camp.

This choice has been exacerbated by the violence against Asians, especially against Chinese Americans, with the defeat of Trump, and now the radical left has joined in the attacks on Asians, and since 2021, with Asians involved in the vortex of this most bitter bipartisan struggle, avid supporters of either side have a reason to attack Asians, which is why the call to stop the attacks, the hate, & the racism the main reason. Even an article, against Asians, will exacerbate Asian suspicion of Europe and America, and this increased distrust will not allow the European and American world to compete with China in any direction against the backdrop of its ideological antagonism, where failure stems from arrogance and carelessness.

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