In-depth research丨Subvert the previous metaverse chain game ecology and create a metaverse chain game aggregator!


The concept of Metaverse Chain Games has actually been proposed in the blockchain field as early as 2019. After the continuous evolution of the market, a new business model of Metaverse + NFT + Chain Games has been formed. The emergence of chain games has allowed traditional games to find new breakthroughs, endowed NFT with more economic benefits, added a wealth of diversified economic models to traditional games, and brought new vitality to the entire blockchain ecosystem.

The freshness and wealth effect brought by Metaverse Chain Games will undoubtedly attract a large number of investors and players to join the rich ranks. It is believed that Metaverse Chain Games has taken over DeFi and become a hot spot in the second half of 2022. But as a player-type investor, how to find the most potential among the various chain game projects?

The trend of blockchain + chain games

Enhancing the player base: Connecting developers and the "super player" community, with more resources and investments in the game, allows for a more positive, productive, and rewarding relationship.

Ownership of game items: All props and elements in the game can be on the chain, and any entity in the game environment can exist in the form of encrypted assets.

Provably fair gameplay: The game is on-chain, game logic and gameplay elements are shared, and the consensus mechanism that ensures the security of the blockchain network also ensures the security of the game.

Lower costs: By building games on the blockchain, all of these costs can potentially be outsourced to miners or validators, and online game publishing and dissemination can be a zero-cost affair. Taking this trend, GAME KING, the world's most popular metaverse chain game platform in 2022, was born and built a metaverse chain game field, allowing you to experience a different chain game world!


GAME KING Strength:

Improve user experience in the user's most frequent use scenarios, faster transaction output and fully compatible with the existing DeFi mode structure, committed to creating a solid web 3.0-based concept for global users, forming DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Scoial- The closed-loop blockchain ecological products of Fi, Swap, Bridge, and Metaverse are an innovative metaverse model supported by multiple ecological chains with multiple identities, such as game developers, game aggregation platforms, and game stores. Easily acquire games and enter the GAME KING metaverse ecosystem. Through the integration of resources in the game field, various game applications, game guilds, and game players will be brought together to empower each other, develop symbiotically, and use blockchain technology to break new ground. Industry pain points, to create the first platform in the future game comprehensive field.

GAME KING will build a diversified ecological structure of Metaverse Web3.0 in stages, build a new metaverse blind box and a new ecology in the 1.0 stage, build an independent chain game and a third-party e-sports platform in the 2.0 stage, and build the world's first Metaverse web3.0 in the 3.0 stage E-sports platform, build a zero-distance video social platform in the 4.0 stage, let global members create wealth in GAME KING, and become the founder of the Web3.0 era.

GAME KING team: The GAME KING team is a team focusing on the application of blockchain game industry. There are nearly 200 blockchain research, technology and operation teams around the world. With the development of GAME KING, the operation market share With the increase of GAME KING, GAME KING will openly attract talents who are willing to contribute to the GAME KINGDAO community.

GAME KING partner institutions: GAME KING's Play-to-earm model has ignited the influx of players in the game industry, and a large number of investors and institutions have also joined in to vigorously develop chain games, which essentially promotes digital commodity trading. With its unique business model, it has won the favor of many world-renowned institutions before it goes online.

Ecological strength:

GameFi: Play while earning while watching

GAME KING is a game aggregation platform, which brings together games with different business models. In order to allow more players to join the game, at the beginning of the design, GAME KING introduced a point system based on GameFi's original P2E play mode. , Advertising system, created the game mode of playing while earning and watching, making the game itself more attractive.


DeFi is a major development trend of finance in the future. In GAME KING, in order to facilitate the healthy operation of the entire ecosystem, GAME KING has joined the GMK token economic model and introduced the centralized trading mechanism of SWAP, so that the token economy can be better Play a role and become the link linking the entire ecology.

DAO governance

GAME KING aims to establish a DAO chain game aggregation platform based on Web3.0, actively integrates individual game developers or teams, introduces more abundant GameFi, and provides diversified chain game services for DAO members.

flow economy

With the rapid development of the Internet today, traffic has become an indispensable part of the development of major applications.


Metaverse is a major trend of future development. Strengthening the connection between reality and virtual world is a problem that all applications need to face at present. GAME KING not only focuses on traditional games, but also has many chain game applications and plans for the future metaverse world. The application is the most complete Metaverse Chain Tour aggregation platform serving the whole region and users.


GAME KING is a completely decentralized DAO autonomous platform, which gives ownership, control and income rights to players. Every player who holds GAME KING is the ecological shareholder and ultimate beneficiary!

Walking into GAME KING will bring you a different metaverse chain game experience, and it will also bring you huge benefits! Let us walk into the wealth world of GAME KING and feel its charm!

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