IPv8 Technology Boosts Industrial Transformation in 5G Era

10-22    BitCherry

In 2020, up to 82% of IP traffic will come from video, and 2/3 of network traffic will come from wireless networks and mobile devices. With the continuous evolution of video services, such as the provision of ultra high definition of 4K-8K video, virtual (VR)/augmented reality (AR), it will also promote the design of future 5G networks to better meet the needs of mobile application development. It has ultra high bandwidth and ultra low delay. At the same time, video consumption is also undergoing a series of changes: the consumption of people watching videos on TV is decreasing, the consumption of watching videos on mobile devices is increasing, the number of broadcast videos is decreasing, and the number of live videos is increasing at the same time. These changes will have a direct impact on the end-to-end network output.

Of course, all factors will put pressure on the future of 5G network performance. Whether the traditional IP network architecture can support the future 5G network performance has also become a topic of concern. Therefore, with the applying of 5G network, the innovation of IP network architecture became very imperative. As we all know, network protocol is the basis of network program, therefore, the security and connection speed of network protocol directly affect the security and performance of blockchain. However, all existing P2P protocols work above the TCP transport layer of the host side of the IPv4/IPv6 wide area network, which leads to network security gradually becoming a potentially huge problem, because the TCP/IP protocol was not fully considered when it was originally formulated. Because of its security, there are types of attacks such as IP address spoofing, source of routing attacks, and network eavesdropping in actual applications. Secondly, the IPv4/IPv6 network architecture is prone to data loss and incomplete during data transmission.

BitCherry redefined IP


To address these issues, the block chain project BitCherry was the one who firstly proposed, the block chain network protocol built on top of IPv8 technology, and defines it as P2P +.

P2P+ avoids monopoly caused by centralization


As we all know, a high degree of centralization leads to very low network security and a high degree of monopoly. While high degree of monopoly makes the entire Internet lack of vitality and the development speed will gradually decrease. In P2P+, each node is both a client and a server. In this way, you can download data from other nodes or let other nodes download data. The work provided by the large server in the original professional computer room is scattered and transferred to countless on ordinary nodes. In this case, each node only undertakes a small part of the work that originally belonged to the server. Even if a node has a problem, it can work automatically connected by other nodes. Therefore, a server problem may cause a relatively large impact (for example, the service operator has a downtime event). Once P2P+ is used, even if a few nodes or even hundreds of nodes have problems, it will not affect the operation of the network.

P2P+ saves bandwidth costs


The current Internet TCP/IP protocol will obtain content from the central data center. This method causes network congestion and low file access efficiency. However, in P2P+, the protocol works in the lower-level of IP network layer and data link layer (which can work on the host and router at the same time); because it works at the lower level and is closer to the protocol layer of the hardware device, so P2P+ It can easily penetrate any network, firewall, and network fence, greatly improving the accessibility of data transmission.

P2P has a high secure system


In today's Internet, communication between nodes relies on intermediate servers. Therefore, once the server is attacked by hackers, data privacy can easily be stolen, traded, or even made public, directly causing huge harm to users. In order to ensure the privacy of network transmission and the gateway node to make some harm, the P2P+ network protocol uses a point-to-point high-strength private key encryption technology. The transmission content is encrypted and only the receiving node can decrypt it, ensuring the confidentiality of the transmission content and node privacy. The public and private key mechanism can be used not only to encrypt the communication process, but also to authorize access through signatures. Different from the SSL certificate system and account/password method adopted by OpenSSN, P2P+ authorizes the network read/write of an 8-bit virtual IP address and recognizes it through the public key signature of the virtual IP address to prevent false IP address attacks.


The pace of commercialization of 5G is gradual, and it is now in the initial stage of development. In the future, there will be a broader imagination for the application of IP. The BitCherry as a practitioner of innovative technologies, adhering to the "innovation is king" concept, pays close attention to the development trend of the global industry, through P2P + let IPv8 applied to the broader scene to make people happy and enjoy the technology brings Extraordinary experience.

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