Grinding aid feeder made in China


The series of safety products such as zinc-steel sprayed new assembled fences, balcony railings, stair handrails, and metal shutters are all made of hot-dip galvanized pipes, and advanced auto surface spraying technology, in order to ensure the stability, rationality and safety of the products. The entire balcony railing has no traditional welding process, and all adopts the assembly-type standardized production process, which is a real environmentally friendly and low-carbon product. Truly anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-theft demolition. In order to reflect the unique weather resistance of the product, the company adopts advanced automobile surface treatment technology, uses high-tech technology, and produces a permanent coating through multiple special coating processes, making it excellent in corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and durability. Moisture and long-term surface self-cleaning ability. No rust, fading, cracking, chalking, aging and falling off under any harsh conditions, the color is durable. Sichuan Bishida Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. can produce different types of products according to different customer requirements.

Six characteristics
1. Industrialization, standardized production and advanced technology;
2. Good anti-corrosion and anti rust performance;
3. Convenient transportation and low transportation cost;
4. Convenient assembly, installation and maintenance;
5. Price advantage, factory standardized production, low production cost;
6. The most remarkable feature is the installation without welding.

Main raw materials for assembling railings and relevant testing methods; There are two main raw materials:
1. Hot dip galvanized steel
2. Powder coating.
In order to ensure the product quality, our company has also introduced a variety of testing equipment, such as: salt spray tester, tensile tester, powder layer adhesion tester, zinc layer thickness tester, furnace temperature tracker, pencil scratch tester, precision zinc coating thickness tester, etc.

Sichuan Bishida Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating research, production, sales and installation of outdoor facilities. Constantly pioneering and innovating, using new technology and new materials to develop a series of new products, to provide the market and customers with high-quality, personalized fences, fences, balcony railings, road and bridge guardrails, stair handrails, sun rooms, gazebos, villa gates, etc., It is a large-scale and high-quality supplier of railings, gates and outdoor facilities in the Chinese market.
Since its establishment, the company has always paid attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents, always adhered to the people-oriented corporate philosophy, and adhered to the business policy of honesty to provide customers with high-quality products and more perfect services.
At present, the products of BiShida have been widely used in various industries. In the past two years, the classic cases include Chengdu Tianfu International Airport road guardrail, glass guardrail, expressway guardrail, Dazhou Lianhua Lake Park bridge landscape guardrail, Chengdu Universiade outdoor landscape seating facilities, large real estate enterprise wall balcony guardrail, etc.


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