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StarryNift is the first gamified massive creation platform and launchpad for fun digital collectibles integrated with metaverse in the confluence of multiple worldviews.


The first NFT blind box launched on StarryNift is "Code Green", a series of alien viruses, who accidentally found the Earth database when roaming in the universe and started to plot a grand vision to reign on the throne of Earth.



The myth says humans were ruling species of mother planet Earth long until the alien virus "Code Green", who intervened to dethrone the human species. By using the advantages of "evolving" and "mutating" genes, Code Greens quickly learn all the Earth civilization then disguise as human and employ "mind-control" tactics to infiltrate human minds ultimately leading to chaos. However, there is still a gleam of hope—a traceability program. Once human employs ERC-1155 technology to trace the origin causing the mayhem, they'll capture the key to restore once glorified civilization.

Who will reign on the throne: Code Green or Humans? Or is there any other species challenging the way into supreme sovereignty?



Starting with the Code Green collection, StarryNift will present multi-faceted layers of metaverse later. The following information is a succinct summary of incentives mechanism and use-case scenarios that are available to access within the metaverse presented by StarryNift.


Diverse Game Ways

StarryNift encourages everyone to get NFT as the collected NFTs will become important roles in the future game. Users can directly enter the metaverse with only one NFT. Owning more NFTs means users have more various game ways such as:

Fusion: aggregate matching characters and level up to higher-level NFT;

Fission: split high-level characters into several lower-level characters to engender dynamics in the competition;

Alienation: consume utility token to purchase "gene mutation" item to explore unpredictable upgrading;

Transformation: purchase specific IPxIP character skin (original IP X meme culture) to obtain the special skill for a limited time, thus enjoy the attribute bonuses during the battle.

In addition, when users successfully collect a whole series of NFT collections, they can redeem surprise rewards.


Play To Earn

The core element of the StarryNift game is "Play to Earn", thus the team creates many scenes to enrich the P2E fun. The game may be similar to the timeless economics-themed "Monopoly" including purchasing land, operating business, trading properties, doing the task, and other "Play to Earn" activities:

1. Get reward by completing daily tasks and winning matches

2. Discover surprises on the route map to collect energy diamonds

3. Buy Land on Planet to establish profitable places

4. Contribute to boost your Planet economy for extra dividends

5. Breed and upgrade NFTs, make a profit from the marketplace

6. Stake your NFT/token to obtain extra benefits


In the StarryNift metaverse game, the early-stage NFTs will never issue again to secure the extreme rarity and value. What's more, NFTs with special and rare characters such as the first cohort Fantasy world (already SOLD OUT) and the upcoming DC Universe will generate extra attribute and bonus in the future game. Since StarryNift is in the early stage, users can still enjoy the first-mover advantages to collect high-value NFTs and make a profit from either trading them in marketplaces like OpenSea or keeping them to generate long-term profit in the future game.


As mentioned above, the second cohort Code Green blind box is coming out! By exploring the Earth, Code Greens find out DC Universe characters are popular superhero characters in Earth civilization. They decide to disguise themselves as DC characters to initiate further reproduction...

The second cohort Code Green collection is available on StarryNift on 28th July 2021 for 10 days!


About StarryNift

The mission of StarryNift is to empower art by technology and democratize value appreciation as DAO. The vision is to enable the whole ecosystem to share the prosperity of the creator and token economy and unlock new ways to explore the metaverse by game+art+DeFi+NFT Ark.

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