DiDimessage Will Open a Door to Metaverse in Digital Economy


In 2021, the concept of Metaverse came into being and drew a huge attention of the whole world. It has become a hot topic in blockchain, financial and game world. On August 14, Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, admitted that he is a firm believer of metaverse during the interview by The Verge. Facebook plans to build itself as a metaverse company. Except for Facebook, big tech companies, such as Nvidia and Ethereum, are actively planning for metaverse. Metaverse has definitely become the next hot area where tech and blockchain companies can play an important role.

For metaverse, there is a unique concept. That is, it is possible that at some point as civilizations develop, the world will become a combination of a physical world and virtue world. In the future, everyone has an identity in the virtue world of Internet, where people can do the social networking and live as they do in the real world, which draws a blueprint for the future digital economy. And it is DiDimessage’s goal to build a metaverse in the digital world.

What are the characteristics of the metaverse built for the DiDimessage?

Lots of experts in blockchain industry have reached a consensus that metaverse is a platform on which virtue activities are ongoing with trusted assets and verified identity. It copies the logics runs on the real world.

As a full-service and one-stop platform, DiDimessage shares a common philosophy with metaverse. Based on the potential of blockchain technology, DiDimessage puts up with a digital ecosystem model of “blockchain + digital economy + life scenarios”. DiDimessage builds a safe social networking ecosystem based on the security nature of blaockchain; develops a core digital ecosystem centering on digital currency, payment, financing and assets custody; builds an entertainment content ecosystem focusing on news, games, life and community; forms a closed loop for blockchain platform, on which people could perform the social networking, be entertained, create, be educated and trade. In the future, there will be a great change in the way people live in the digital economy.

In a word, the metaverse built by DiDimessage for the digital economy has three key features: trusted assets value, trusted identity, and upgraded lifestyle in digital economy. While the underlying technologies are Blockchain, Network, Entertainment and Life.

Blockchain, as the foundation of the technology, offers DiDimessage the decentralized settlement platform, value mechanism and identity verification. For the concern of digital assets security, DiDimessage cooperates globally famous digital assets management bank ICCBANK to build an assets custody wallet, giving users maximum freedom, trust and fairness and offering foundation for assets value.

Network means network and computing power, which enables DiDimessage to transmit message and compute, guaranteeing global users to communicate smoothly, reducing the participation cost and improving the experience.

Entertainment offers DiDimessage interactive content, such as social networking, news, games and communities, which make DiDimessage more real and fun, enriching the digital world. In the future, the content entertainment style will expand unlimitedly.

Life refers to a new lifestyle in digital economy. The real world and virtue world are merged together to build a digital world. In DiDimessage, users could realize a total digitalized lifestyle, such as digital payment, collecting NFTs, socializing, creating software, games, music, entertainment, media, education and consumption.

As a globally hot APP in digital economy area, the concept of metaverse rouse DiDimessage users’ imagination. Currently, Fidelity Investments, Morgan Stanley, Black Stone and other top investment institutions have deep cooperation with DiDimessage to do the strategic investment. In the future, with the development of blockchain technology, DiDimessage, under the help of capitals, will play an important role during the process of digital economy in the world.

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