DATA FORK (DK) global currency exchange is aboutto open

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DFORK can be said to be the most anticipated project in 2021. The brand-newteamwork mode, nine people form a group, three people win the prize,and six people receive the prize! The platform's mother currency DATAFORK (abbreviation: DK) will open global currency exchange on March10. For the specific exchange address and method, please follow theofficial news, so stay tuned!

DFORK iscommitted to building a decentralized, fair, just, and openinnovative exchange project of "group joining + resonance"with practical application scenarios. The platform's mother currencyDK will open global exchange on March 10, with a circulation of 28.5million DK generations. Currency, all produced by currency exchange.

About DFORKswap

The fullname of DFORK is "DATA FORK", which is an unmanaged anddecentralized open trading and clearing network protocol for Layer 1and Layer 2. DFORK swap provides a liquidity pool for TRX, BTC, ETH,EOS, DOT and other currency exchanges. It also has traditional CEXmatching transactions and is the world's first matching transactionDEX platform. Asthe world's first DEX platform for matching transactions, in theDFORK network, transactions are the basis for all functions andvalue-added services. As an open transaction and clearing settlementagreement, in order to promote the implementation of this financialapplication agreement, DFORK will first develop a new open brokersystem DFORK Trade based on DFORK.

Itstransaction method is decentralized and authentic, and does not relyon an untrusted central third party to hold customer funds. In thisscenario, direct transactions between users through automatedprocesses have the following advantages: "trustless" (noneed to trust the security or honesty of the exchange), publicreview, uptime guarantee, and privacy.

In theinitial stage, DFORK Trade will be constructed and operated in acentralized form. In the later stage, it will gradually evolve to theultimate form of decentralization, and will eventually become one ofDFORK's user interaction interfaces.

Aiming atthe shortcomings of current centralized exchanges such as extremelyslow transactions, high costs, very low liquidity, and lack ofadvanced functions, DFORKswap adopts a world-class financial-leveltransaction architecture, which is based on advanced memory matchingalgorithms, asynchronous non-blocking read and write, and distributedAdvanced technologies such as real-time elimination framework realizethe system's high reliability, high performance, strong security,scalability and easy maintenance. The safe and complete ecologicalvalue of DFORK has made the market's enthusiasm for the groupresonance mode continue to rise, and it is also the most promisingtrack in the industry. Especially because of the rise in the marketat the end of the year, capital and retail investors are exploringhigh-quality and safe project ecology, and they have a lot ofbargaining chips to create value, and the market has naturallyappeared such a prosperous scene.

Why is DFORK worth choosing?

In DFORKSwap, the entire system architecture consists of 4 layers, namely thepublic chain protocol layer, the off-chain transaction layer, thesettlement network layer and the application layer.

How to makethe centralized system better help the decentralized system evolve.If centralization and decentralization are the two ends of the linesegment, DFORK is trying to move towards the middle. Followingpragmatism, DFORK will be a brand-new solution that empowersdecentralized systems. And with the improvement of technology, DFORKwill realize the elimination of the boundary between centralizationand decentralization, and users and funds of the centralized systemcan be seamlessly switched to the decentralized system.

DFORK willpromote the rapid outbreak of decentralized systems, forming a hugeand vibrant ecology. DFORK is positioned to create a decentralizedglobal transaction and clearing and settlement network protocol.

It willadopt a technical solution combining Layer1+Layer2, taking intoaccount asset security, performance, privacy, and decentralizationand other characteristics, so as to create an epoch-making newdigital Asset transaction agreement. The ultimate goal of the tradingagreement is to provide a one-stop decentralized master broker fortrading users (such as institutional investors and high-net-worthcustomers) by integrating the trading depth of mainstream exchanges(centralized and decentralized) and merchant nodes Business services,including transaction matching, financing and currency financing,asset management, intelligence services and functional value-added,etc.

Therefore,the basic functions of the transaction protocol will achieve thefollowing design goals:

Build adecentralized transaction and clearing settlement network based onthe "application + protocol" model;

Strengthenapplication-level barriers (operations, resources, traffic, etc.) toreduce the risk of forks; Connect and integrate the trading marketand trading depth of centralized exchanges and decentralizedexchanges;

Breakthrough the scalability bottleneck of current decentralizedexchanges;

It hascross-chain interoperability and is compatible with native tokens ofa variety of underlying public chains; Built-in dark pool tradingfeatures, which can support splitting and independent trading oflarge trading orders.

DK group income:

Joiningunit: 100U, 500U, 1000U

Way ofwinning the lottery: Nine people joined the group, three of them wonthe lottery, and six people did not.

way ofparticipation: Each user uses the USDT in the participating stalls toparticipate in the group joining, and the group starts with a minimumof nine people.


Winner:Deduct the principal and complete the exchange. Unsuccessful

lottery:Return the principal to your account and return 10% of the bonus.

Team Award:

The directsuperiors of each participant who did not win the lottery willreceive 10% of the bonus. The winner will exchange 10% of the lowestprice for the immediate superior.

Allcurrency-holding addresses participating in the exchange of thecurrency exchange pool can be rewarded by the number of currencyholdings. After all exchanges are completed, 10% of the funds in thecurrency exchange pool will be used as a reward, and the top 15addresses will be divided proportionally.

There is nodoubt that DFORKswap will become the biggest dark horse in thebeginning of 2021. It is already ready to go. Those who understandhave already started to take action. Those who don’t know how to doit are still watching around. If you missed the fireworks, VDS andother hundreds of times the currency can be grasped. Well, this time,don't wait until the time is only to pat your thighs.

It isunderstood that DFORKswap was initiated by the participation ofwell-known communities and cryptocurrency venture capitalinstitutions around the world to jointly build the DFORKswapconsensus. In DFORKswap, open the blockchain cryptocurrency groupresonance and get more benefits!

DFORKswapwill reshape the blockchain financial system and establish apoint-to-point financial system with high transparency,accessibility, and inclusiveness through a distributed open sourceagreement, minimize trust risks, and make it easier and moreconvenient for participants to get injections. There is anopportunity to further open the financial system of the blockchainworld, which will be used in currency issuance, currency trading,lending, asset trading, investment and financing and other fields.With multi-centralized trust as the core, create a new generation ofvalue circulation network, so that digital assets can flow freely.


DATA FORK (DK) Towards OpenGlobal Convergence

Globalfirst dealmaking DEX platform coin mining raw materials, AggregateExchange Governance Token DATA FORK (DK) will open on March 10, DKissued 28.5 million, All produced by the exchange. DFORK is a Layer 1and Layer 2 open transaction and clearing network protocol. TRX,DFORKswap provided BTC, ETH, EOS, BOT currency exchange liquiditypool, And it has CEX traditional dealmaking, Is the world's firstdealmaking DEX platform.

Aiming atcreating a decentralized global transaction and clearing networkprotocol, this project will adopt a technical scheme combiningLayer1+Layer2, taking into account the requirements of assetsecurity, performance, privacy and decentralization, so as to createan epoch-making new digital asset transaction protocol. The ultimategoal of the deal agreement is to provide a one-stop decentralizedprincipal broker service for trading users (such as institutionalinvestors and high net worth customers) by aggregating mainstreamexchange centralization and decentralization. Services includedealmaking, financing, asset management, intelligence services andfunctional value-added.

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