Crypto Battle CBX, The Future Encrypted Digital Society

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Today's network is developing rapidly. With the development of 5G technology, the basic strategic resource attribute of data is further highlighted. Data will not only become a powerful supporting resource and tool for governments to promote the modernization of national governance systems and capabilities, but will also permeate our lives in an all-round way. All kinds of human information will enter the communication channels and become important information resources under 5G technology. Research shows that in the past few years, the data produced by human beings have accounted for 95% of the total amount of human history data. At the same time, privacy issues have gradually become the focus.

In fact, technological advancement is often accompanied by changes in social rules. Perhaps from the moment the Internet appeared, the struggle between data protection and data intrusion was doomed to become an inextricable fate. However, block chain technology is called by many experts and scholars as the next generation of disruptive technological revolution after the Internet, which seems to bring new hope for data security protection. Crypto Battle will break the deadlock and build an encrypted digital society based on block chain by casting the block chain digital business with privacy encryption + ease of use + expandable ecology + trusted computing & zero knowledge proof & homomorphic encryption.

Crypto Battle, Originated from Mr X and Won the Digital Code Battle

Crypto Battle (CBX) combines block chain, Internet, biometric identification and its learning to build a public chain serving the future encrypted digital economy and society, carrying a perfect block chain ecosystem including digital assets, digital identities, digital social interaction and digital entertainment.

In the early stage, through the landing of Crypto Battle-related products, a series of behaviors such as payment, transfer, activities and social interaction of users were aggregated into Dapp applications, and all digital assets were connected in series and activated to ensure the safety and privacy of users' communication, assets, transactions, identities, data and other links.

In the future, with the circulation of ecological token CBX and the improvement of modular application of Crypto Battle, Crypto Battle will be more used for technical guarantee of commercial data, capital security and data security.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Mr X, founder of Crypto Battle, was one of the first technicians in the United States to open up encryption software exports. He has mastered military-level encryption technology and has profound research on how to make it more suitable for commercial applications.

Crypto Battle, Trusted Privacy Encryption + Ease of Use + Extensible Technology Bottom

1. Encryption Privacy - Trusted Computing, Zero Knowledge Proof, Ring Signature

Crypto Battle uses trusted computing, ring signature, homomorphic encryption, zero knowledge proof and other technologies to ensure users' data security and encryption privacy.

2. Expandability Guarantee - Main & Side Chain Mechanism

The extensibility of Crypto Battle is realized by the main & side chain mechanism. The unique main & side chain Merkle Tree index can efficiently handle multi-chain structure, and the information transmission between side chains supports cross-chain cooperation. The main network is the hub of information interaction, and the side chain is responsible for a certain subdivision area, such as social data, storage of original entertainment content, copyright verification of enterprises, content distribution, etc., which will all run on the side chain.

3. Data Mass Storage - RockDB Physical Storage Engine

The Crypto Battle storage module uses RocksDB as its physical storage engine. The key-value pair in RocksDB is a byte array with a wrapper on it to handle serialization of keys and values. This wrapper forces that all data inside and outside the database is built according to predefined patterns.

4. Cross-chain Asset Transaction - Hash Locking + Notary Public Mode

In order to ensure the atomicity and high efficiency of cross-chain transactions, Crypto Battle adopts a combination of hash locking and notary public mode.

Crypto Battle Shared Ecological, Commercial Encryption Platform

What Crypto Battle creates is a public chain serving the future encrypted digital economy and society, which will realize users' digital asset payment, instant messaging, data storage and other requirements while ensuring security and privacy, and provide easy-to-use, convenient modular support and encryption technology services for large-scale commercialization. In addition, its ecology is huge and its application fields are wide.

1. Crypto Battle Chat - Global Real-time Messaging System

Crypto Battle Chat is a cross-platform real-time communication application, and its client is a free and open source application and there is no centralized server. Crypto Battle Chat uses distributed storage, and point-to-point transmission will require confidential user privacy information to be encrypted. Therefore, users can exchange encrypted and self-destructed messages, photos, movies and files with each other, support all file types, ensure that information is only transmitted or shared among specific users, and other parties cannot decrypt the original information even if intercepted, so that users can socialize with confidence.

2. Crypto Battle Srorage - Safe Shared Database

Combining the tamper-proof and permanence of the block chain, Crypto Battle Srorage adopts IPFS storage method and RocksDB as its physical storage engine, and builds a shared database of all user data, providing customers with the safest data storage option in the industry, and the cost is incredibly low. Not only for individual users, it is also committed to enabling enterprises and organizations of all sizes to use distributed book technology to improve their services and operations.

3. Crypto Battle Wallet - Cross-chain Digital Asset Wallet

Crypto Battle Wallet is a mobile light wallet, which provides block chain users with a digital asset wallet application that is safe, easy to use, powerful and built-in to guarantee intelligent contracts. It will provide simple, convenient, safe and reliable management services, protect the assets of users in digital cash from multiple dimensions, and carry the mission of helping users to realize safe storage and efficient management of digital assets.

4. Crypto Battle Content - Content Platform with Incentive Mechanism

Based on the block chain technology and the decentralized consensus mechanism, Crypto Battle has built a system of contribution pricing and equity return for the content production field-Crypto Battle Content enables content producers, content investors, content filters and ecological builders to get reasonable incentives and returns.

5. Crypto Battle Service - Commercial Block Chain Service Platform

Crypto Battle Service is an enterprise-level block chain platform service, which provides modular applications in many industries. It can enable customers to build a safer and more stable block chain environment, simplify deployment, operation and development processes, and realize fast business chain.

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