Baidu Launches Flagship Xiaodu Smart Display X10 and Upgraded XiaoduPods Smart Earbuds, Making Everyday Life More Convenient and Accessible

  • Baidu launches Xiaodu Smart Display X10, a flagship device with cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art features to provide better user experience for all households

  • The upgraded true wireless XiaoduPods smart earbuds are equipped with the "voice note" function, a new feature that will greatly improve work efficiency for users

  • Xiaodu accelerates toward "breaking boundaries" with excellent design and capabilities and higher accessibility of smart living

BEIJING, Oct. 29, 2020  /HAIXUNPRESS/ -- Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDU) held the 2020 Xiaodu Fall New Product Launch today in Beijing to unveil the new flagship Xiaodu Smart Display X10 and the upgraded true wireless XiaoduPods smart earbuds. An array of enhanced AI features and product line price adjustments were also highlighted at the event. The breakthrough developments showcase the prowess of Xiaodu in designing AI-powered smart consumer electronic devices and exemplify its commitment towards the core strategy of "breaking boundaries" to bring intelligent devices to a larger audience and a wider range of scenarios.

Baidu’s Xiaodu Smart Display X10 offers smooth experience and first-rate entertainment to users of all age groups.

Baidu’s Xiaodu Smart Display X10 offers smooth experience and first-rate entertainment to users of all age groups

"Our goal is to serve people of all age groups. We hope to accelerate the process of 'breaking boundaries', allowing smart assistants to be engaged in different scenarios at a faster pace and enter the lives of more people," said Kun Jing, Corporate Vice President of Baidu and General Manager of Smart Living Group (SLG), at the launch.

Xiaodu Smart Display X10, the newest addition and flagship unit of Xiaodu's smart speaker product line, has been equipped with a suite of upgraded AI-powered functions that guarantee a seamless user experience for family members of all age groups. The comprehensive modifications include full-duplex continued conversation, gesture control, voiceprint recognition, and intelligent response capabilities, all empowered by Baidu's leading AI technology.

The X10 was designed in collaboration with fuseproject, a leading industrial design and innovation firm based in Silicon Valley, renowned for its creative work. Instead of utilizing the plastic exterior build found in predecessors, the X10 features cutting-edge metallic and mesh construct, complete with a zinc alloy circular base to exude a futuristic aesthetic. Its 10.1-inch FullView IPS display with 1280*800 resolution on a 20mm thin frame alongside the 8W speakers allows users to indulge in among the most extensive video and music resources in the industry, offering great family entertainment experiences. The 5MP HD camera on X10 enables vivid photography, security monitoring, and documentation of daily life.

At the event, Kun Jing also showcased the upgraded true wireless smart earbuds XiaoduPods and demonstrated its "voice note" function, a new feature that is sure to improve work efficiency. Users can simply tap once to enable the new function, which can turn on the recording mode of XiaoduPods or a connected smartphone device. The real-time speech recognition capabilities of XiaoduPods will simultaneously transcribe the recording to text on the connected smartphone. Upon completion, users can then edit the text while listening to the recording playback. The resulting files are then exported and backed up to other devices.  

With an AI voice assistant, intelligent translation function, and 28-hour long battery life, the XiaoduPods have been received with unprecedented popularity and sold out online within two hours once launched at Baidu World 2020. Users can also use XiaoduPods in combination with the Xiaodu App to control smart home devices and initiate smart functions such as navigation, phone calls or listening to the news with their voices.

A series of price reductions across the Xiaodu product line have also been implemented, accelerating the future of smart living and fulfilling the needs of more users. Original prices of the Xiaodu Air and Xiaodu Smart Speaker Kids Edition have been reduced, allowing the entry level devices to become even more economical and cost-efficient for all user demographics. As smart speakers are gradually becoming a necessity for Chinese households, the modest price range will increase the overall accessibility of smart living for a huge number of users.

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