Advantages of UV inkjet printer in Carton Application


What are the advantages of UV inkjet printer in carton application? In carton packaging industry, inkjet printer is often used to print serial number, production date, batch number and other variable data information.

There are many types of inkjet printers for cartons. At present, the models that can be used for inkjet printing of carton outer packaging include thermal foaming inkjet printer, on-demand inkjet printer, small character inkjet printer and UV inkjet printer. However, in practical application, the contents of carton printing are different, and the actual type of inkjet printer is also different. For example, if you only need to spray print simple production date and other information, the four models introduced by cycjet above can be easily realized. However, if you want to spray print high-quality QR code, bar code and other information, you need to focus on the recognition rate of QR code, bar code and other content. Because the inkjet printing accuracy of small character inkjet printer is 70dpi, the inkjet printing accuracy of on-demand inkjet printer is 200dpi, the inkjet printing accuracy of thermal foaming inkjet printer is 300dpi-600dpi, and the inkjet printing accuracy of UV inkjet printer is adjustable between 200dpi-1200dpi, the specific type of inkjet printer also needs to be selected according to the inkjet requirements of customers. The lower the printing accuracy, the lower the recognition rate of QR code and bar code, and vice versa.

The two-dimensional code inkjet printer for carton is mainly UV inkjet printer. Its advantages are as follows:

The first point: spray printing accuracy. UV inkjet printer has high inkjet printing accuracy, and can set the inkjet printing accuracy within a certain range. Enterprise users choose UV inkjet printer, which can ensure high recognition rate of barcode, QR code and other contents, and do not need to use high-end collection equipment. Therefore, in practical application, it is more suitable for enterprise users with large production.

The second point: the UV inkjet printer can be externally connected with multiple groups of nozzles to meet the inkjet needs of multiple production lines. It has fast inkjet printing speed and saves certain procurement costs for enterprise users.

Third point: good visual effect. UV inkjet printer adopts environment-friendly UV ink. UV ink meets the adaptability of a variety of materials and can have good firmness and visual effect on the surface of permeable and non permeable materials;

The fourth point: UV ink has good adhesion and environmental protection. UV inkjet printer ink generally ensures high adhesion on the material surface, which can prevent scratching and waterproof to the greatest extent.

In carton coding, when we use UV inkjet printer for variable bar code or variable QR code inkjet printing, there are some matters to pay attention to. Here are the five precautions for small editing and sorting.

1. The commonly used material in the packaging carton is screen paper, which is different from ordinary white paper. It is necessary to pay attention to the reflectivity of the paper on the corrugated paper, which will affect the identification of the bar code.

2. When selecting inkjet ink, high-performance inkjet with good color fastness, low air permeability and moderate ink diffusion shall be selected to ensure the high quality of bar code spraying code.

3. Attention shall be paid to the dimensional accuracy during the bar code printing of corrugated boxes. The surface of the carton may not be completely flat, and the stress may be uneven during transportation, resulting in the bending and deformation of the bar code. The bar code shall have a certain fault tolerance range when ensuring the accuracy.

4. Bar code has strict requirements on bar spacing ratio, so it is necessary to ensure the stability of production line speed. If the speed of the production line changes, all these will lead to the change of the length of the sprayed content. For text content, the change of length generally will not affect misreading, but for bar code printing, the change of bar code length will change the blank rate of bar code, resulting in code unrecognizability. If it is impossible to ensure the stability of the spraying process, a synchronizer shall be configured to ensure that the printing speed of the inkjet printer is synchronized with the production line speed.

5. Before batch printing of bar codes, bar code printing test shall be carried out to ensure that the bar codes can be scanned and read correctly. Because the barcode must be read by special equipment, different from reading the text information directly with the naked eye, the correctness of the barcode content must be checked before mass production to prevent human errors. In the process of inkjet printing, sampling inspection shall be carried out regularly.

CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET has more than ten years of experience for wholesalers and retailers of different types of handheld inkjet printing solutions, laser printing solutions, portable marking solutions in Shanghai China.

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